The Cafe Newspaper

Editions 1, 2 and 3 (coming soon). 2016, 2017, 2018

Edition 1 (2016) – we produced our first community Newspaper in 2016 – advertising our programme of community workshops, inviting folks to help us “Build The Cafe”.

Edition 2 (2017) – documents our workshops and process as we created the cafe. We also worked on various community meals and food projects – responding to mima’s exhibition programme, and other community events such as the Festival of Thrift, and other events taking place in the world.

Our next edition (3) – talks about The Cafe and Arte Util, and takes a look at mima’s past 3 years (as a Centre of Arte Util), when it’s artistic programme has responded to ‘current urgencies’, and considers some of AU’s philosophical ideas – about 1:1-scale social projects for example; things being what they are e.g. a community meal, a drinks making enterprise, a mushroom hunt and so on, and at the same time being ‘art’. It talks about the project in relation to Debord, Claire Bishop and Ranciere.