The Cafe Book Kickstarter Campaign and Rewards

We’re making a book about The Cafe as an art project… with a Kickstarter Campaign to kick things off. Our Kickstarter campaign runs to the end of June 2019. The funding we are seeking is for production costs (not for paying ourselves).

Here’s the link to our campaign:


And here are some pictures to illustrate our rewards (we’ll update this with more details as the month progresses). Also email with questions and comments – at any time:

Reward 1. A THANK YOU

Reward 2. (Pledge £10) Waiting for Sunday Playlist. 

Waiting for Sunday Playlist: Featuring artists who have played at The Waiting Room, including bands we have put on in the last 9 months; King Creosote, Paul Smith, Barry Hyde, R.M Hubbert, Emily Barker, Say Sue Me, Dressed Like Wolves, Nell Unlit, Bush Gothic, Withered Hand, Yama Warashi, Andrew Johnson, Amelia Coburn, Martin & Eliza Carthy, Thomas Truax, James Yorkston, Brigid Mae Power, Diane Cluck, Stanley Brinks, Freschard, David Thomas Broughton, The Burning Hell, David Broad, Spell Token, Duke Special, David Ford, Group Listening… and a selection of past performers from Peggy Seeger to Jeffrey Lewis to Misty’s Big Adventure to Arab Strap’s Malcolm Middleton…

We’ll create/curate an amazing Spotify* Playlist and send you a link. (We can try to do this for other platforms too by request).

Reward 3, Waiting Room Tasting Menu Experience £60pp

Get tickets to exclusive tasting menu events, 

4. A Private Chef at home

Rewards 3. A jar of Emma’s Homemade Chilli Marmalade
(in memory of Sereena)

Reward 4. A jar of Emma’s Chutney.




e/egg on fluorescent green paper 594 x 841 mm

a/aubergine on fluorescent orange paper 594 x 841 mm

t/teat on fluorescent pink paper 594 x 841 mm