An artwork by Luke Harding at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art commissioned The Cafe, an artwork by Luke Harding in 2016. See also:

Harding playfully incorporated participatory craft workshops and an ‘inexpert’ community art aesthetic in building the cafe, designing and organising the build and all workshop events whilst questioning the boundaries between social practice, facilitation and authorship. At the time mima was embarking on a programme as a centre for Arte Útil. The Cafe contributes-to, but also critiques some of Arte Útil’s ideas.

The Cafe is an independent art and food project – often collaborating with mima and other community groups – cooking up thoughtful and playful food events, and scenarios for ‘participatory art’.

Looks like community art

Looks like community art
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Notice Board

Notice Board
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Cork Tables

Cork Tables
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Crate Counter

Crate Counter
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Make Salt and Pepper Pots

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Make Teapots

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Stage Floor

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Make Chairs

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Make Beer

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Glass Blowing Smeltery Light

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Make a Boosbeck Bench

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Free Beer

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Make Gin

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Make old handwoven hessian blinds

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Neon Workshop

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Neon Sign Workshop

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Lit Sign 12

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